Saturday, June 14, 2008

Indian Gaming Scenario

Sony rules the roost with about 70% market share in India. Indian market is still a callow with not even a 1% market share of the world market which is set to grow to 47 billion $ in 2010. Indian gaming market is at about 160 million $.

Nintendo Wii is soon to launch in India and give competition to Sony and Microsoft. But Sony holds a distribution clout over here with over 200 exclusive Sony World stores. Indian market is set to explode in years to come with PC affordability dropping and if not the console sector but PC gaming is set to emerge as an important sector. Also with mobile penetration increasing by the minute, Mobile gaming is also set to increase in coming days.

All in all gaming in India may reach 5% of Global gaming in next 5-10 years times, Rajeev predicts. Both Sony and Microsoft have taken the experiential route in the Indian market to entice the potential customers with hands on experience through in store marketing with tie ups through retail behemoths like Planet M, Cross Word, Croma, Hyper City et al to their advantage.

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