Friday, June 20, 2008

Self Service Programs and Technology

Technology helps in establishing Self Servicing Routines like those of E-Commerce, E-Governance or E-Education. In this line India has also started various experimental programs. But India is in the first stage of introducing e-enablement. For example Foreign Universities have e-Courses and Exams. They also have software deployed in Universities for better teacher student interaction and service.

India is still experimenting with the concept with universities like Mumbai University, and Delhi University having Registration Forms being sold and accepted online.

With massive population explosion in India, there is a huge under served market in India, which can be tapped by Distance Mode online. Universities can start distance mode in Collaboration with Foreign universities to gain with the ready made course ware and systems and processes required to run the Online Universities. It would be a natural expansion for these Businesses and it is also their Moral and CSR obligation, which will also give the next booster to the Indian Economy.

Also existing students can be trained better by employing e-Learning centers in Colleges and Universities as the needs of different students is different, and customization can be done easily by using software tutors. This in turn will lead to better trained and employable graduates leading to better quality of life for the employees and also the society.

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