Sunday, June 22, 2008

Apples Global Strategy

How apple tends to increase the sales of its i-Phone 3G globally. First it is entering into marketing arrangement with distributors in 22 countries which is bound to have a great impact on the sales of i-Phones. Next they plan to increase the country served count to 70. Also they would make it difficult for people to use unlocked phone by not selling a phone without a service plan.

They plan to sell 10 million i-Phones in 2008. 3G is a technology which allows more bandwidth to internet applications and data services on Mobiles. iPhone is only second in the smart phone category, next to Blackberry phone from RIM.

Apples strategy is most likely to pay off with distribution making iPhones available to people who were hitherto relying on grey markets to buy these phones.

The 8GB model will be available for 200 dollars and 16 GB model available for a 300 dollars.


nhick said...

Nice post, very informative. Thanks for keeping us posted.

Suresh Khanal said...

Nice information. Everything is OK. But I wish if you quoted the source too!

Anyway, thank you for sharing!