Monday, June 16, 2008

Price Wars and Technology Companies

It was all started by Google who strated offering Office applications for free as cloud computing solutions. So that resulted inMicrosft trying to acquire Yahoo in order to challenge the dominance of Google in Internet. Apart from that it looks like soon Anti Trust cases may bethrust upon Google which is fast reaching a threatening Monopoly situation in Search Advertising.

But with Google going open source with its Office solutions has not yet created a much dent in the market share of Microsoft whose main enemy happens to be Piracy in Third World countries than the trying to be Nemesis Google.

Going open source may help the companies to make research easier but it sure is going to result in eroded top line and bottomline for both the Companies. Looks like all the top management guys in Fortune 500 companies are in dire need of management courses, to make them understand that it is better to compete maybe on open standards than go in for a total regressive price wars.

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