Friday, November 21, 2008

Ultimate Gaming Experience

You are right. For ultimate gaming experience you need to get hooked on to the Consoles and not depend on our own PC’s or notebooks which are not specialized and not designed for that special purpose. Moreover keyboard controls may take out all your joy of the ultimate gaming experience. Consoles are designed specially for gaming and have accelerated onboard graphics and specially designed chips to take care of your ultimate gaming experience.

PSP is designed to create am ultimate Portable gaming experience and cost starts about 9000 Rs. PSP 2.0 version may be available for as low as Rs. 5000, but would not include latest game titles and effects.

Playstation may cost you about Rs, 21,500 and is the expensive of the lot but 7 multiplayers can play the game at one go. So if you are looking for team games you could opt for Play station 3.0.

XBOX 360 comes in Core and Pro editions. Core costs just 15,000 rs and doesn’t support all titles and features of Pro like HDMi and Component and optical out. Pro could cost you Rs, 20,000. Core supports 465 titles and still counting.

WII can also be used as Blu Ray player apart from all three stables offering you a mix of options for playing your favorite movies and music or videos. Apart from that all the three Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft have online gaming support and support gami8ng downloads.


Topher said...

I did not realize that you could use the Wii for blu-rays.

Samer said...

ultimate gaming experience was nice post