Saturday, December 20, 2008

Technology That Can Save Your Life

Secure Banking Transactions

Are you aware that you can become a prey to Farming Attacks apart from phishing attacks transferring your private info to hackers. Yes it is very possible , so how to be safe from one? A farming site is a spurious banking site which you enter through a e-Mail purportedly from your banking site.

Make sure that first you enter wrong password in the banking related login screen. The right site will authenticate the password as wrong and ask you to renter the password a farming site will thank you for the wrong password.

Also Linux + Firefox or Safari is more safer than Windows + Internet Explorer. So make sure you install Damn Small Linux or Puppy Linux using software like VMWare in your existing windows OS or go in for a double boot OS or another choice could be to use a Live Linux CD to carry out such secure transactions ever more safely.

Also while opening the site make sure that HTTPS secure transaction is being displayed in the URL box and a Lock is displayed over there which is generally not displayed by a farming site.

Next Growth Center of Telecom Industry

WELL the first growth center was Volumes. In 2007 Telecom industry added 7-8 million additions per month. In 2008 it was 8-10 million per month. Well now this volume growth is likely to slump to 5-6 Million additions per month by 2010 -12. So where does the revenue come from. Currently the revenues are dropping. ARPU is in the vicinity of 206 Rs per user. Too less.

So while for some time the growth is likely to come from Rural Areas, I think the next growth is surely going to be VAS Content Based Services. Like Live TV on Mobile, and interactive internet shows dominating the mobile with adoption of first 3G in mid 2009 and then 4G or even LTE in times to come. Also services like internet radio is likely to grow with broadband.

Apps like youtube customized for mobile would also increase the VAS revenues of the telecom companies. VAS is very likely to pick up with time to come. Also ARPU can be increased by starting Educational Projects and E-Commerce apps for Rural Areas.

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