Sunday, January 04, 2009

3G and Gaming Landscape

How 3G could change the Gaming Landscape

One needs to be proactive to comprehend the market future, and also device clever ways to create new markets. With 3G heralding its way into India in 2009 Feb auctioning of Spectrum, there is light for gamers.

Combine this with smart phone pervasion and you see gaming consoles would be replaced by Smart 3G phones where people while traveling or at home could simply connect to their friends and play interactive games instantaneously while on the fly.

Broadband in Phone would also mean that people would be able to tirelessly access new areas of service like Live TV on Phone through the Internet et al. How one would be able to use these services is totally up to the imagination of the Businessmen.

WELL here is hoping that gamers life would change for better with 3G enabled smart phone.

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