Sunday, January 04, 2009

Nokia in a New Avtaar

Nokia Service Provider?

Apple does it successfully with its i-Tunes endeavor. Not just being a Phone handset dealer and entering into providing services which both has a higher growth potential but also higher margins. So Nokia is now trying the same path. To achieve the same purpose Nokia has come up with 12 acquisitions in the past one month and also hired 700 top executives from Google,Yahoo and Apple. This is surely going to turn out to be a winning strategy for Nokia as its Phone Handsets business is taking a Hit from the likes of Sony Ericsson and Motorola, LG and Samsung which are fast making inroads into the consumer psyche with top notch products with a panache and winning flair.

So Nokia now has its future roadmap dictated by competition from other more nimbler firms which are trying out all the marketing tricks and innovations to turn the heat on the Finnish Giant. The setting has all the making of a Hollywood thriller flick as a Marketing War of the Future. Who will come out a winner will well depend on who executes their Marketing and Product innovation plans more smoothly and nimbly.

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