Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Owning Secure Cloud Computing Infrastructure

Owning Secure Cloud Computing Infrastructure

Well, lot has been said and written about Cloud Computing and Elastic computing with the latter provding benefits of pooling of resources. So you can go for Elastic Computing on Demand or you can go for in house procurement of servers and a cloud network at your company premises which can also keep your data safe.

The main concern in the Cloud Computing is that Data is not secure. Now to overcome this you can set your own network with pooled servers and a open source middleware to contain the otherwise humungous costs, and then set up virtual machines on top of that to change the resources to a particular machine as required and also to balance the load of all the various applications installed on various VM’s.

Also in this configuration the overall scaling of capacity can be done with ease to overcome capacity bottlenecks to the entire pool of applications without migrating the applications from one PC to another of higher capacity.

Hence the conclusion is that instead of buying one’s computing demand on On Demand Cloud Centers one can set up own safe Cloud Network to use securely. Amazon EC3 and Google provides free cloud software for the same.

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