Sunday, January 04, 2009

India and Broadband

Why Taking a Broadband Connection Makes Sense Now

Any good cyber café charges 15- 25 Rs per month which results in cool 450 – 750 Rs /Month of expenditure, for the same amount in India unlimited plans are available from players like BSNL, Sify, PaceNet et al. The monthly cyber café charges are for 1 hr. only. The unlimited plans offer you unlimited fun apart from the hours you also have unlimited download/upload facility for which cyber cafes place various restrictions like only 10 MB. So if you want to use You Tube to upload your quality videos you are at total loss with the Cyber Cafes. Apart from that expect some shoddy professional behavior from the callow cyber café employees.

Apart from huge cost advantages you put your security at risk in the internet cafes which is not the case with the home broadband connection where there are slim chances of theft of your personal data and surveillance. Also every time you enter a Cyber you need to put up with distractions like people on Phone or talking binge. Also due to terror attacks there are strict restrictions about providing ID proof and address every time you enter a cyber. Why go through all these hassles. So what are you waiting for? Is it not time to just lunge at the opportunity to join the club of 5 million broadband users in India?

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