Sunday, January 04, 2009

Recession and IT Budget

Fighting Tech Budget Inflation At the time of Recession

Well talking about recession, as US economy caught pneumonia all major world economies are sneezing. So there are talks about controlling that Tech Budget. Already there are talks about ROI targets not being met by the technology investments of the CIO’s.

So then there are some cool ways of reducing your it budget to fight that recession, as follows.

Server Virtualization : Buy a virtual server from a service provider instead of a dedicated server which is surely likely to cut your bill.
Server Consolidation : If you run a data center reduce the number of servers by buying more capable and powerful multi CPU multi core processors, which results in saving of HVAC costs.
Application Integration will strict result in cost savings for the organization.
VOIP : VOIP can be used to cut the fixed phone bill and ISD / Long distance call bills.
Blade Servers : Blade servers can be used to cut on the Space requirements and also save on the HVAC costs.
UC and Video Conferencing : It can be used to cut the travel cots and hotel bills of the organization.

But strictly this author feels that curtailing the IT budget is no solution and that a holistic view of the IT budget needs to be taken for the purpose of calculating ROI and not piecemeal approach. Also good IT support is now into Hygiene factors rather than a business strategy for differentiation like before.

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