Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Continuing Education Through Technology

Are blogs the Second Media or the First?

What was the state of the Main Media or the traditional Media prior to Competition from blogs. I see blogs as unorganized media having a lot of freshness and innovation factor compared to the main media.

When first blogs appeared two centers of powers got threatened the government and the Media as there citadel and fiefdom was threatened by blogs which were opinionated and steroidal or biased or unbalanced according to various sources, but today many newspaper has a blogs column or a blogs section in website contributing the more popular user generated content.

Similarly Youtube and other sites are a huge success as UGC is even competing in professional area of film and documentaries making.

Today blogs are free media from where you can pick relevant info free of cost. Also internet is a source of tele education which you can ignore to our peril. So is that education you picked up from college enough? Think about it.

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