Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wireless Global Networks

National Broadband?

What would be the future of Broadband, 3,5 G then 4G then LTE right. Not quite the black swan theory postulates it is not possible to foresee the future and especially tech future where the horizon changes like the Hurricane Katrina disrupting market and sunk capital.

I was thinking about future of broadband and I thought that it is surely going to be National Broadband. ie Broadband through satellites, peer to peer collaborating nano communication satellites lining the national body, obviously geosychronised.

Such technologies are already a reality in robots combating terrorists and can be deployed with nano satellites to cover states or small nation by one network, also different nations would link there State LANS via synapses to form the first Wireless Backbone of Earth.

If any scientist of US reads this it may be available in US by 1 year and in India in next decade.

So what is your take , is this author mad?
But you see prescience makes a Blue Chip company.

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