Tuesday, January 06, 2009

VOIP and Recession

Cost Saving, VOIP and Company Size

Using VOIP for communications leads to a gain or loss is a moot point even among the experts of technology. Many say at these times of recession VOIP can be used to save on costs along with related technologies like Unified Communications. UC definitely helps in presence management with a high degree of precision and also can be used to treat the voice data like a data mine to other benefits.

But would the investment in infrastructure dictate that VOIP be used to the companies benefit in case of small companies the losses would offset the gains, but for big companies too many experts believe that the cost benefit would be skewed against deployment as the ISD and ILD costs are fast falling southwards. So then that leaves us to Niche segments like Call Centers where too you need to take the cost of infrastructure upfront investment along with employee training and manning into consideration before arriving at a final decision.
This not taking into consideration the goodwill loss when a person is unreachable when required, or a opportunity loss of Millions of dollars that may result due to absence at the pertinent time resulting in customer getting miffed and not willing to negotiate further.

So man I leave you to take the hard call according to your ethics, thinking , circumstances and budgets, to go for that cost cutting or not is totally up to you.

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