Saturday, January 31, 2009

3G Launch delayed

Multiple govt agencies dealing with the launch of auctioning of 3G spectrum, issues over reserve price and administrative charges lead to delay in launch of 3G in India. Launch of 3D can significantly increase the bouquet of services offered by the technology companies as well as increase their top line and margins. With open standards and platforms being adopted by various companies it is also likely that users are going to get a better deal on their handset with rich content and host of entertainment options to keep their lives easier.

Also I think some forward looking states like AP and Karnatka could take up Metrowide 4G initiatives and set a break in the Governmental red tape which keeps India from progressing at a faster rate of development.

Model universities should set up 4G networks in their campus and near by areas and offer free service to university inmates and should be allowed to offer in nearby residential areas on profit making thus even opening source of revenue for these cash crunched universities and raise the quality of life of all stakeholders.

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