Monday, January 12, 2009

TEchnology NEWS

  • Satyam Computers is in trouble with a new BOD and the tainted Board dissolved. I had read about Silo's in business how Satyam continues to function in a corruption continuum is very astonishing fact
  • Ergonomic laptop keyboards are now available with mouse tracker within keyboard apart from the pad and also digitizers for graphics application, Also extend able screens are available to view multiple apps at a time, all in all laptops are becoming device of desire
  • Palm Pre is all set to compete with i-Phone, this not only accepts gestures and touch interface but also has a sliding qwerty keypad, so competition to i-phone from many sources
  • A wi-Fi Graphics card is chosen as the best device at CES 2009 at Las Vegas, failed to impress my imagination
  • Also a voice controlled robot which can open fire, what if the device malfunctions due to hacker intervention

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