Thursday, January 08, 2009

When You Buy Internet Connection

WELL there are some tasks you have to carry out with fervent pace if you buy an internet connection.

1. If you are using Windows OS ( Which 90% ) users do, then windows firewall is not enough to deal with your PC’s security, consider installing Comodo Pro Firewall.
2. The above is the disadvantage, the advantage you gain is that all OS updates and all drivers and BIOS updates are available to you mostly free of cost so make sure you have set on the windows automatic update in the security center of control panel.
3. Also make sure the firewall is on.
4. Add exceptions to firewall, like the browsers et al.
5. Run virus updates manually every day also set it to automatic updates.
6. Run the virus scan every day as you are prone to infections, malwares and tracking cookies.
7. Using Ccleaner clean the temporary files every day which are likely to be in the range of at least 5-20 MB per day
8. Disconnect when not using the internet

Wish you a safe and happy browsing experience.

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