Friday, January 30, 2009

Digitisation and Piracy

With devices like the USB Flash drives of 32 GB memory and external portable hard disks of 320 GB in market and hard disks up to 1 TB in market it makes the job of the online pirate all the more easier. Ubiquitous Broadband availability would add to the woes of all the content producers.

Software,games and movies are now pirated and distributed like never before. Add to that the list of countries and people who have no appreciation of IPR and sites which are used to distribute music and software free. Similarly lot of people take pride in distributing cracks of software's on the internet.

If you can get 1000 $ software for free would you be liking to buy the software. The answer would be probably a no.

So the question arises how to curb piracy with rising digitization and falling morals or changing sensibilities of people. The answer lies in educating people about how not paying for the software stifles the development of new products with falling revenues of the company.

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