Tuesday, January 20, 2009

GuruJi.Com Music Search

Guruji.Com is Indian search engine which was the pioneer in searching Cities local data which was later picked up by the likes of Google. As usual innovation comes from the stable of smaller nimbler companies but not capitalized upon because of the lack of marketing prowess or deep pockets.

Now Guruji has come up with a unique concept of Music search, you can search for mp3 and other format songs on the web ( of 4 lakhs database ). YOu can download or listen to the songs. Considering that entertainment is one of the prime reason people visit the web this can be a pertinent step for the company towards differentiation.

They are also running a contest to make the user familiar with the search methodology, again a winning step.

But the serach engine has some lack of AI and expert sense as typing Himmat Wala instead of the Songs from movie HimmatWala produces "No Result Found" Message. But hopefully such glitches would be removed in the near future and the service will assume more respect in near future.

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