Sunday, February 01, 2009

New Threats To Hog The Internet Security

1. TCP / IP Architecture has certain lacuna's in it which makes it possible for the hackers to create e-Bombs which can make large portions of internet non - usable. This can cause a loss of billions of dollars to the businesses in lost revenues and lost opportunities, good will and service restoration costs.

2. Islamist proponants have legitimised using cyber space to carry out Jihad which means that the Internet is going to be more and more vulnerable to such attacks in the near future.

3. Web borne Malware is increasing at an alarming pace, which means that the PC's connected to the internet and corporate intranets need better and better firewalls and integrated anti-virus technology to prevent the attacks from these online pirates.

All in all internet needs a lot of preventive and proactive activities like installation of software at the back bones to randomly check the sources of spams and malware and destroy them. In addition to all these it may need a lot of software and hardware installed to check using heuristic suspicios online activities and inform the concerned agencies to curtail such measures.

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