Thursday, February 19, 2009

Local Language Content and Internet In India

The other day I was reading Data Quest and the story writer was arguing about how little Indian language content is available on the internet. I was quite surprised to read that there are only about 1250 web sites in Indian language. This compared to the fact that there are about 1600 total Indian language and 22 constitutionally recognized languages.

So the fact is that there are 650 million educated Indians but only about 60 million net users. And that too those using Indian languages may be even less. So there is no demand for local language content. There are 40,000 blogs in vernacular Indian languages. But the preferences and topics as also the authenticity of these may be of little pertinence.

So the question that arises is when will we be able to have local language content. Well I think when internet would be pervasive, also when AI based translation software built into the browser itself would be able to convert entire pages written in one language to the other , till then be content reading your Magazine or Newspaper ( Regional I mean).

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Rashmi said...

True, there are very few blogs in Indian languages. Also, sites providing Indian language fonts are very few. But I too believe a day would come when an entire page could be converted from one language to another at the click of the mouse.