Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gaming and India

Gaming is all set to move the Indian markets. Indian gaming market is different from other gaming markets showing more breadth as it is not only the young in the bracket of 18-29, but in the bracket up to 49 years. Unlike foreign locales in India average age is not 20 years but 28 years. This all is good news for the Gaming market.

More people in the Gaming arena means more games sold and higher revenue par capita. Also the In game Advertisement is set to grow as a market and more revenues can be expected of the same. of ADAG and Jumpgames are free Indian gaming sites which are supported totally by adverts and are free and yet offer quite quality games. With frequent contests and reward points an d sweepstakes prizes to the regular players.

Now that is some good news for the nation, maybe in by 2020 there will be virtual olympics with India winning quite a tally of golds and platinums.

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