Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Technology of the Future

Yesterday I was watching a tech video by Business Week International edition. They were speaking about 10 Economic and Technological trends to be witnessed in the 2009 year. Some of the trends certainly caught my Imagination and I am listing them here for you.

1. Phone Apps

With 30% market share being cornered by the smart phones. Phone apps are certainly the favorites. Pinger is a new phone app with UC capabilities built into it. It also works with myspace and twitter, and is free. Generally phone apps are free and otherwise between 1-5 $ cost. Hence phone apps would certainly be a source of revenue for the telecom organisations in the coming time.

2. Wall PC's

Wall screens would also be a favorite where all employees share a giant screen whcih can be used to update all employees of a department of the latest in thier sphere of notification. Brokerages and Media houses may be benefitting from wall PC's.

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