Sunday, February 08, 2009

Online Technology Sources Vs. Offline

With ubiquitous internet availability and many magazines whifting to only online mode and also E-Book readers like Kindle avialbale, this is a logical debate. Where to find your daily dose of technology dough. It is avialbale in hot blogs as well as technology section of all major publishing web site. And man let me tell you its really happening.

Magazines started it all by being Multimedia, but the internet beats them all, by offering unlimited good quality content available at the drop of a hat, with even visiting a book store and free of cost. So what else do you want. I visited the Media Center of Business week and found it greatly interesting. With plethora of videos on plethora of subjectes vying for my attention. the only problem which I faced over there was my lousy Dial Up connection. Now I signed up for a Broadband with MTNL but the Wireless connection signal is lousy and never ever speeds up. But man video qulaity is real good.

So you have podcasts and what not available hot in  a magazine sometimes updated daily. Then all the chronicles are neatly stacked for you view or perusal. Man if you have appetite for knowledge they have the appetizers all lined up for you and I am sure you will never leave famished from any portal.

So all in all, online content is scrumptious and hot.
Why wait when you can go for it?

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