Sunday, February 15, 2009

Managing Deep Lost Content

Ambush marketing and TV go along. People have a tendency to fight, take for example the singing reality shows. They produce almost 4 - 5 programs which are aired at the same time on week and users are expected to vote for all of them and decide the winners. Makes the whole affair a bit insipid for the users, who then choose their preferences and then begins the TRP wars. People fore go one program over the other, but then the program forsaken could be watchable at some other occasion.

That could be done through PC's with DVR recording facility, but do people care. The result is that a lost of content in less popular channels get lost in the process and one is left with few options for entertainment once these shows go out of seasons.

Here comes the Internet to the rescue. All these many of historic performances are re watchable and it is the duty of the content creators to use this content to the hilt. Hence in a fetish to create more content, the existing good content is lost/ This content should be used to the full by the media houses.

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