Monday, February 02, 2009

Innovative Handsets

Handsets which have touch screen which can be used to play 7 instruments on it. Handsets with 3D screens where you can play 3D games. 3G phones which can be used as an entertainment console with streaming audio, video and video conferencing. Some out of the box thinking on the part of the telephone manufacturing companies is really creating a compelling market for the buyer with Cell Phone becoming a style statement rather than just a communication device.

Nokia N85 is designed for the gamer. Similarly every day there are announcements of products. New products and gadgets really hog the market with increasing frequency.

This creates a choice for the customer which was hitherto unseen in markets. User can choose a phone according to her preference and have fun. So the point is that the life cycle of a typical phone is reduced to 1 year to six months depending on the type of the user.

Nokia was quite complacent with its basket of product till Sony Ericcsson stepped in with its quality products and Motorola came out with its stylized offerings. All these forced Nokia to get into the fray and get together its act on these two fronts.

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