Monday, February 09, 2009

How Free Sites are Eating Into Profitability of Paid Sites a site for dating. a web site for those looking for free dating with up to 25% of traffic, forces to launch its own free dating sites. Only one of the examples of how free sites are snatching away the business of paid sites.

There are plethora of How to Do anything sites, there are product opinion sites in almost all social networking portals, there is Yahoo answers and expert section in any website giving for free what pre internet era was available only for a certain price to be paid.

There are free educational sites and free white papers plus open source material available on the net. So what is the direction of magazines and books, certainly southward compared to what it could have been in the absence of internet.

Paid sites could do well by changing their strategies accordingly and corner their share of business from the available pie.

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