Wednesday, February 18, 2009

3G and WiMax : The Enterprise Choices

Current internet technology in vogue in India is GPRS and EDGE. 3G has been launched in Delhi and WiMax is being experimented in Beta runs elsewhere. So what would be the choice of Enterprises. There are mixed responses from shunning to adopting from various CIO's interviewed by a magazine.

Some say 3G is costly and requires new investment which is costly. WiMax can be used with existing equipments. But WiMax is capable of Bandwidth of 70 MBPS where as with 3G upto 15 MBPS is only possioble. So 3G itself can be used for Video Conferencing and host of E-Mail applications which the Enterprises would be requiring.

So there is all possibility that 3G and WiMax networks to co-exist together for some time to come with the individual preferences taking over the decision criteria of various enterprises.

Many critics claim that 3g has a lot of evolution left for it in way of 4G and LTE but WiMax is saturated, also standards have already evolved for 3G which will take some time for the WiMax, but as such WiMax is cheaper and faster. Also many people argue that even 2G may survive for non value added customers and using all networks together may also solve the spectrum issue whcih the private agencies have with defense personnels.

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