Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Technology can save your Hard Earned Bucks

Norton Internet Security 2009

Its easy to install takes just about few minutes. And has got a stylish interface. Its from trusted Symantec. I tried out the trial version and the results were not that bad.
It has antivirus anti spy ware , Firewall, Intrusion Prevention, E-Mail scanning, Identity Safe and Anti Phishing features. All in all a complete package to save your computer from all types of threats existing on the net for your desktop or laptop connected to the Internet.

Its got a quick scan and a complete scan and it automatically monitors the system for threats.

Additionally it just occupies 10 MB in your Programs Flolder compared to 40/70 MB in 2008 versions of various antivirus programs and also the issue of error cropping up while closing down the PC has not still been taken care of in the Norton 2008 version . So go on , and get your PC in safe hands. Security Nirvana could you call it that? Eh?

Is Default Windows Firewall Hacking Your PC

Thousands of your hard earned money can go down the drain. If you are dependent on Windows Firewall for security you will be shocked to know that it is the worst in the league.

The best Firewalls in that order are
Comodo Firewall Pro 3.0.25
Zone Alarm 8.0.02
PC Tools Firewall Plus

The worst of Firewalls, install and use at your peril are
1. Windows Firewall
2. Ashampoo Firewall
3. Personal Firewall

So go in for your upgrade of firewall today to save you from hackers and virus or trozan attacks to your PC’s. You will be surprised to know that the softwares listed in first list cleared 10 levels of security tests while Windows Firewall and others in the list cleared only one level of tests.

You can just type “netstat –ano” at the command prompt to see which ports are open and listening and can kill the processes which are not required if you are connected to the net.

Also apply the OS service Packs regularly and also patch your programs regularly to make your programs much safer from the vulnerabilities of the Internet. Stop unnecessary services from your computer to also save on computer productivity and resourses.

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