Thursday, December 04, 2008

Technological Obsolescence and You

Planning Obsolescence of Your Technological Products

New products every three months. On how you use your technological products is totally upto your flair and income. There is always a saturation in any product category. You buy a I-Pod of 80 GB capacity carrying 30,000 songs capacity. How long would you stick to this product. Even if you are a Music Maniac you probably would get saturated with the product in a couple of months.

Similar to the Music Players and PMP’s you have your phone. If there is a breakthrough technology like introduction of 3G in India or some other tech like LTE in US or 4G for higher internet and downloading speeds, one need not go for a costly upgrade unless you are a millionaire and are doing all the shopping for gifting and snob appeal alone.

So while buying a new product make sure that you keep the utility and value at the forefront and make a decision which you do not regret on a later date.

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