Saturday, February 23, 2008

Google a NanoSecond Company

Google has been in news lately with context to Microsoft- Yahoo combine trying to challenge its leadership position. But Google's main income is coming through Search Advertising and Adwords as it charges nothing for its Cloud Computing product. Hence I see the Business Model of Google s Highly Skewed.

As the search market is totally dependent on computer algorithms ant drastic break through innovation by a rival company is surely going to dent its market share and its existence itself. Hence it is imperative for Google to be on constant guard and monitor new trends in Search Engine Technology and other areas where it could have a presence.

For example google is doing nothing to develop Niche Engines which concentrate on certain topics only, for ex, Health et al. It could prove to be detrimental for Google and could lead to its sudden death in the competitive race of Betterment.

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