Thursday, January 27, 2011

How to create Robust OS which use less Memory :

Why not design modular OS. OS divided into logical groups depending on the use of the functionality.

This way only modules required for a particular function may be loaded in the memory hense giving less latency and more responsive programs in a cheaper computer and also reduce the future digital divide and a digital society. This coudl be the economising effect of Modularizing OS.

Also a high end use could be co-Operating Systems, which work with Each other.

For example you want to think of a computer system of the Future. One which would go to chat mode and only talk to you and play your fav music, so for that just AudioOS may be enough ie diaplay may not be on.

Suppose you want to get a AI Expert Problem solved the Modular or co - OS may be loaded to memory which could diagnose your problem.

A Picture OS for Defence USE

You could create a PIC component to encode and encrypt your message where a particular picture means something, and a series of pictures could mean some thing. Highly secret information could be sent as a image or a fish school of images, which know how to combine and give the message, only on your processor.

Come on beat that.

Now do that development and sent me the 100 dollar cheque.

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