Thursday, August 12, 2010

The origins of Cosmos

We all know that a big bang took place and later when things cooled down the life was formed.

So I have this theory similar to that of Matrix. All of us are made of same thing like what went bust when big bang occured. So there is a kind of material polymorphysm when all that material has changed form and assembled to give something like that of a life form.

Just like metal age and becomes brittle. So even metals may be having a life cycle.
For years there has been this concept of Aatma or Soul. But how can one belive in what is not seen.

Or is everything we see Physical. All physical things have a boundary. So every thing is placed in some thing, so where is the end of it all.

Is it all an illusion and if so what is the secret of all these illusions.

Could it be virtual reality, just like a computer screen saver , one feels that they are in an endless world. Or is Physical world a concentration camp for life at some other place to endure pain by the Human beings.

We are all bound by the matrix of life and material. Is it a quiz , yet to be solved by a Human being or a scientist.

Could there be more life elsewhere in the cosmos, and those people highly sophisticated or primitive copmpared to life on Earth.


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Very Interesting!
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Brilliant website, I had not come across before during my searches!
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