Thursday, January 07, 2010

What is a smart TV : Science Fiction

Sure a smart TV is not yet invented,
A smart Phone sure is there.
So just like a smart phone a smart TV would be a hybrid of computer and TV.
It would take my voice commands and switch channels and volumes.
It will take instructions on my favorite channels and send me SMS or voice mail to remind me of my programs,
Also I could SMS instruct it or phone it to record my favorite programs when I am out.
It would have about 100 TB of memory to create digital libraries of my fav songs and previews.
It would double up as a computer in spare time and allow me to internet.
It would show any of the progras in any native language I want with inbuilt translation capability.
And shucks any eligible guy reads this post will create this TV in two years or less,
and what credit rajeev gets,
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vikram said...

Great thought da dont worry i will develop such tv for uuu.keep posting such creative thoughts..