Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Innovation Intel

Intel is sure upto good stead with its i-7, i-5 and i3 range of Nehalam Processors.

There is a good PC for every need and there is choice,
what else the consumer or a prosumer may like.

There may be new models but no dough to get a new one for many now.

Hundreds of new models every month . just like the mobile and digital Camera market.

So finally the big companies are inventing and not copying the start ups.

There is a PC and processor for every budget and every use.

Its becoming difficult to keep track of hot models with new ones every month if not week.

So go ahead if you are thinking of buying a new PC , just keep in mind if it has a processor which woul not make you regret buying one for at least two years, like the i-5 for home users.

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