Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Gaming Wars

The figures of december sales of gaming colsoles is out. Microsoft leads with 1.2 million units followed by Nintendo with about six lakhs and Sony's PS3 struggling at a distant 3rd position with less than 5 lakh units sold. So far so good, apart from Microsoft having gained a first mover advantage, the advantage which Nintendo's WII enjoys is that it is chepear ( 250 $) compared to XBOX 360 ( 400 $ ) and sonys PS3 ( 600 $) . Also the remote control of the Wii induces motion and is more interactive in nature.

Nintendo was the undisputed leader when it all started and again Nintendo seems to be gaining an edge compared to Sonys Playstation 3.0.

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Grunch said...

The Atari 2600 was the undisputed king when this all started. In fact, it was Atari's Pong the started the whole thing. Just because you are young and have no real history into where "it" was. when it started. Hell, I already had a kid when I was playing with my Ninendo, with a Power Glove.