Thursday, December 17, 2009

Whats up in Technology

So a post after many days.

Lots is happening in the field of technology.

makes it very difficult to choose a particular topic.

3 - D camera's which can capture 3 D images.

really something happening has happened.

Lots is happening in the field of Storage with 5 Dimensional storage devices evolving,
taking the density of storage very high.

Claytronis would emerge as a new mode of teleportation and communication technolgy in a decade or so.

IP v6 will support umpteen more addresses than the current v 4.

Tech landscape changes every 3 months.

New models of Laptops.

New processors.

Core i-7, Core i5 and the expected core i3.

Ok I am finding very difficult to find a topic to right about.

Even after many days I get comments from readers and fans are increasing, so I thight nothing wrong in writing a post now and then to oblige my readers.

have a nice tech life.

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