Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Browser Wars : Will IE survive

Internet Explorer 8, Opera 9.5, Firefox 3.1 and Chrome from Google are the browsers that are involved in the slugfest of the browser wars. I see internet explorer loosing steam in coming times.

I run a website named and my personal blog which you are reading right now, and let me share my personal web browser habits data with you. I see that IE still has a major share but not a lions share. Opera and Firefox is fast encroaching the space which was hitherto occupied by the Microsoft’s internet explorer. IE has been a slow innovator copying most features from other more innovating smaller browsers and seems to be continuing to top the list because users refuse to change.

Opera is damn fast and looks really good interface. Firefox and Opera are competing neck to neck for a sizably chunked market share of second spot. Internet explorer is surely losing its 90% market share to settle initially to about 60% of market share. Slowly but surely other browsers are likely to make a killing and dislodge Internet Explorer from the Numero Uno spot.

Till then are you stuck with a habit.

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