Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sometimes You Digress

Microsoft Vista, a product many don’t swear by. Although there are some rave reviews about its security and interface. But XP remains favorite with many users in India and Asia. So Microsoft has decided that it will continue to support this product till the 2014’s well long before Vista would end its support. XP had Service Pack 3 released earlier this year and Vista Pack 1.

Maybe Microsoft could do well by pumping in some million dollars to make XP more alluring and place it as a competing product to Vista all this while trying and removing the glitches of Vista OS and working on in this regard.

So Vista actually turned out to be a dampener for Microsoft which created an advantage for Linux Open Source OS. Linux Red Hat is now choice for hundreds of commercial organizations running mission critical servers.

So the gain of one is the loss of another.

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