Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hard Disk Failure

Did you know that hard disks can also fail. If you have a computer it is always important to take the back up of your important fies, data et al. With coming of new dual layer DVD's which any tom,dick and harry can afford you could take back up of upto 8.5 GB per disk or 4.7 GB per single layer DVD disk. Or about 670 MB on a CD. But what if all your data is important and you always need a copy of whatever you are saving. One option is using External hard Disk with casing. Sizes available begin from 20 GB to 500 GB with prices at Rs. 2700 to 24,500 respectively. Also rediff now provides you with unlimited storage so you can store all your media files online.Cool guys, any other idea of what could be done to back up your data?

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Bala Krishna said...

What would happen if rediff deleted all your files.. It happened with me.. I lost everything exists in rediff account. Data is not safe on the web . You must have your backup copy with you. The alternative is to create multiple online backup on different site like rediff.. Isn't