Monday, November 21, 2011

Fast Evolving Technology Cycle

The speed with which tech is evolving is awe inspiring.

Look new App dev languages and versions every few months.

New Androoid versions, every few months.

Man is choice spoiling you or killing you.

Want to buy a laptop or mobile phone or the latest craze tablets,
there is a deluge in the market and they have their differentators.

Surely today you are in a position to give up your current gadgets for a new one ever more quickly than before.

Just like a new GF or BF every friday, with a new Movie release.

Phones from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars to , diamond studded million bargains, there is one even for beggars, and one for a king.

Difficult to keep pace with the technology for developers,
and at the same time producing interesting content and marketing it was never as exciting and possible for even small time technocrats.

With opportunities galore for a leap into the future.

Now is the time to get inventive or be a smart customer with a Golden Age Gadget.

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