Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Consumer Technology Product Clutter

Friends today if you want to Buy a Computer or a Camera or any computer accessory or MP3 player, you need to have a lot of product knowledge. Because there are a lot of products available. With 10's of reputed brands of companies to choose from and 100's of product ranges and products.
It is imperative to make some research about product features and cost so as to not to get duped over time.

So here is a list of what could be done,

1. Visit the web site of the company, the store Clerk would hardly give you all the information and time yo require.

2. Make a comparative study of product features and after service . In India sites like help you in this task.

3. Visit an experiential store and get your hands and try out the product.

4. Read user opinions and reviews in various user communities and blogs. Search the Internet for the product to find relevant issues.

5. Ask your buddies who may have used a product for recommendation.

6. Read newspaper and technology magazines to find out more.

Be proactive rather than reactive and be a smart consumer.
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