Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Is Biometric Identification Totally Foolproof

If the Fingerprint is stored on a card which was the case till recently, there are all chances of the card being stolen and funds misappropriated. But then the solution is swiping the finger instead of the Card.

But that is not foolproof enough. There are all chances that someone in connivance with Bank Insiders could make a virtual transaction and dupe you in your face. Or use a finger from a dead body. To overcome the second facet there are detectors to catch the perspiration of a live finger and not one cut from a dead body and fabricated.

Also there are ways in which to make the process more secure a combination of Biometric indicators could be used for home security for example. You may use Voice and Fingerprint scanner or face recognition.

Also hand vein pattern is being found to be more unique and difficult to fabricate and technologies based on Vein Placement in hand is being patented .

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