Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Technology Adoption Cassandra

Is 4G WiFi access available in your neighborhood. Will HD televisions have any market in India?IS movie digitalization and digital distribution adopted or feasible for adoption in India?

Is India behind world technology adoption or is it a slow adopter and smart reaper. India adopts software when it is bug free and more refined. I mean what’s wrong in that. By being early adopters of technology you just become a free software tester and feedback provider for the company saving the company in hundreds of Millions of dollars of research and testing.

If movies are digitized then the SCM and logistics of Movies can be optimized to a very large extent. Movies can be premiered world wide simultaneously just by securely transferring the digital content over the pipes or satellite.

But would digitization have a flip side. World is full of loopholes. Piracy could be facilitated by the digitization process. But think of the positives, digital downloading business is just in its infancy in India and a full fledged trade in US and Europe, so you get ready access to multiple distribution channel, not forgetting the VAS market of Mobiles which is swelling as you breathe or blink.

Or take the HD TV. Is DV format not clear enough. Would not adopting HD lead to a higher difficulty in creating content with the amount of preparation which would be required to shoot a detail to include all hygiene factors of a scene. The close up shots would be more difficult to enact. The wrinkles of the older actors would show up. Even young people’s beauty spots would be visible. More efforts would have to be put into acting skills to get a flawless acting. So is it necessary to use a technology because it was invented or invent a technology which has use, after all human eye has not yet gone Nano.

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