Monday, March 31, 2008

The Robots March To Quest

Robots that help in space exploration by scaling cliffs. Robots that Mop floor. Robots that help in gardening and ultimately robotic fights contest held in Japan which is the house to maximum robots of the world. 112 Robots took part in the contest.
That makes me think what would the future be like. A socity with robots , Humans and Half Humans , Half Robots. Will this manifest into any dangers to the society. Like what if Robots revolt and take over the world and what can be done to avoid harm from robots which work in close proximity to humans in Industrial and Home environment. With the advent of robotic technology and AI it is sure that some day robots find their own Individuality and Voice and fight Human Supression and Imperialism.
I dont think any programming would be able to help in that matter.

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