Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Learning Technology By Doing

India continues to lag behind in various Technological endeavors. Be it Broadband, or Robotics. Take Robotics US is doing a lot in the field. In India people hardly talk about these things and the awareness of people about these products remain at abysmal low levels.

Have you heard about Lego’s mind storm products which can be used to built robots. These kits of components can be used to program and create various kind of Intelligent robots. iRobot’s Create and iBot kit from TRI are other products which can be used to build robots.

Carnegie Mellon University has a exclusive Robotics Academy which squarely focuses on the development and training of Robots and its applications.

Today robot finds variety of uses, of which I think with aging populations of Japan, US and EU the most blockbuster Robot would be the domestic help and accompaniment Robot which could take care of the elderly people at home. Also with Migrant issues and racism raising its ugly head across the globe these countries may not want Humans but robots to do the work to run their economy and ultimately try to raise their population to match those of emerging superpowers like China and India with 1.3 Billion and 1.1 Billion populations respectively.

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