Saturday, April 05, 2008

Technology Capsules

New Vista’s of Telemedicine

Laptops have been developed which can be used to scan the patients at their homes itself. It means that no longer you need to transport a patient to the hospital to get the scans like Neuro scans, Pregnancy Scans et al can be conducted by the doctor or assistant at the site of patient. It especially brings good news to the well healed patients who can now afford the luxury of treatment at home which may also improve the survival rate of the patients.

The other middle class patients and rural patients of far flung rural hinterlands in India could benefit by telemedicine. I.e. a assistant takes the scan and sends it across to the director via laptop WiFi and the doctor immediately sends back an e-Mail of treatment. This way doctor’s can maximize revenue while serving the rural population and also achieve self satisfaction of helping the poor and the under privileged of the society.

There are chips which can carry out diagnosis of pathogens, I see in near future laptops which could carry out pathological tests on site and give report in few hours and save multitudes of lives.

Hence laptops are proving to be a useful tool for doctors and could also be used to save costs of expensive lab set up and spur the entrepreneurial activities in the rural areas by doctors who could start with just a laptop. A scenario which is going to be a realty in near future.

Apple Announces safari 3.1

Apple continues with its innovative spree with another product the Safari 3.1. Safari loads pages 1.9 times faster than IE 7.0 and 1.7 times faster than Firefox 2.0. It runs Javascript upto six times faster than other browsers. Not a mean achievement by any standards. You can organize tabs, and it has a built in RSS reader. It also supports latest Audio, Video and Animation standards.

It works with Windows XP and Vista and requires a 256 MB of memory and 500 MHz Pentium Processor.

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