Monday, March 30, 2009

Used Mac Market

Any good thing would not be disposed but used.

Nobody said that. Well Mac's are more useful than PC's in that Mac's are refurbished and sold in market even after being used for some time as they are known to age a tad slower than PC's.

So a cool 100- 200 $'s off and you get a better configuration compared to original Mac's.

Apple itself sells refurbished Mac's on their web sites.

You get one year warantee with the product, what else do one need?

So if you are a Mac aspirant constrained by the cost why not try and go for a refurbished Model.


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Bendz said...

Cool idea. For graphics, mac is best.

Laptop Bags said...

I just had a convo about this very subject. Good to see my friend was right. I'm all for refurb--especially if it's better than the original.