Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sweeping My PC

As a employee for some years I would see Janitors come in the morning and do the first thing in the office and that was to sweep it.

I did not know that one day I would have to do the same with my Internet connected PC. Every day as I download using firefox 100's of MB's of temporary files are created.

With 80 GB hard disk and 20 GB C partition it becomes difficult to keep the mandatory 400-600 MB free for system stability.

Hence it becomes imperative to sweep the desktop and other C folders using CCleaner. I also run registry cleaner at least once in two days, which results in better system performance and registry integrity.

So man what are you people up to, no comments eh?

1 comment:

Sagar said...

I too make use of ccleaner daily aftr my internet work to delete all the unnecessary cache files, temp files etc.. Also i run tune-up utilities to delete unwanted registry files..