Monday, March 09, 2009

Software Life Cycle and Lawsuits

Do you think that trust suits can have any effect on the development of Software . Yes it does have on Microsoft OS at least . The latest upcoming OS Windows 7 from Microsoft will have this in the doing.

Windows 7 will feature a control panel to disable Internet Explorer and Media Player. This in response to legal suits in EU about the monopolization of Browser by Microsoft by bundling IE with the OS.

Mozilla and Opera have filed charges against Microsoft and they have got a ruling in favor with them. So you will now have a choice to turn off default software's with Windows OS. But the crucial choice is with so much Brand Equity and user choice would the user really want to turn off IE.

Certainly if you are using internet you will be in the know that certain sites give problems with certain browsers at certain times. I have four Browsers on my PC but I use Firefox most of the time.

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